The Daily Tombstone: Peonies and Memory

daily tomb 1 peonies twk

BORN OCT 15 1827

daily tomb 1 peonies 2 luck

Mary Eva Cleave is buried in the churchyard of Smock Chapel Mission, outside of Lebanon, Kentucky.

daily tomb 1 smock chapel

I love peonies. I’ve always thought peonies smell like sex should smell. The peonies have bloomed here in Louisville, and gotten a bit blowsy and loose, letting in the little ants that tend to them.  In the olfactory and textual clutter of my memory, peonies are the darling buds of May that the rough winds do shake in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?, and the scent and text mix with the smell of sweat and the texture of a woman’s skin, touched long summers ago, and the tips of my fingers still tingling from it.

I wonder if Mary Eva Cleave wife of George W. Wilson ever smelled peonies, and whether she liked them.


2 responses to “The Daily Tombstone: Peonies and Memory

  1. A temenos resplendent in clapboard, where reparations may be offered up
    for the repose of those petrified gentry bounden by the finest stone elsewhere.

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