Thought Balloon 4x: A Considerable River

thought balloon small asterisk

*An a mile wide and an inch deep. This phrase was originally penned by a 19th century American humorist who was not Mark Twain–Artemis Ward–about the Platte River in Colorado. It would be a considerable river, Ward continued, if it were turned on its side. This can easily be said about many Internet fads–and in these latter days if it’s a fad it is on and of the Internet–for an instance, “Internet Atheism; a mile wide and an inch deep.”

*See? Easy. Use your own confirmation bias and substitute your own Ism. The trouble is that everything and everyone in the panoptic, parasocial flatland of the Internet is, indeed, not a mile wide and an inch deep, but thousands of miles wide and a micrometer deep.

*You may think you are a discrete personality inhabiting a discrete body at a discrete location, but you are really a thin, thin film laminated together with millions of thin, thin films.

*We would make a considerable river if we were turned on our sides. But, per Heraclitus, we cannot step in the same self twice.


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