Thought Balloon: This is not God

thought balloon small asterisk

*Our true faith is unconscious faith, the faith we do not know we have. It is not practiced at the church you attend, set out in the dogma of the sect to which you adhere. It is not about the god you pray to, it is about the god you are not aware of worshiping, the god you are not aware of as god. If you become aware of this god, you would be angry. You would feel shamed. You would be appalled. In awareness of this, your true god, and your faith in it, you would deny faith in this god. In this awareness, you would deny this god, deny the existence of god. This god does not exist. This is not a god.

We are all atheists in the presence of our true god.

Definitely filing this one under “Talking to myself, letting you listen.”


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