I am a Camera: Raindrops on Clover

raindrops clover 1

On Monday, hereabouts, rain fell most of the day. I was walking the dogs in the rain that morning, and the three of us, terrier, chupacabra, and mongrel poet, came to a full stop in a tangle of leashes as I kneeled to see the miracle of raindrops on clover.

raindrops clover 2 crop1

Since I am a camera, and had my device in my pocket, I began to take pictures. April showers bring the bloom of spring to the digital panopticon as well as the wide world we walk in, many of us bearing cyborg eyes. The panoptic clouds are full of daffodils; Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are raining .jpgs of violets and redbuds.

raindrops clover 2 crop3

In the images I collected with the iPhone, the raindrops seem to float rather than rest on the surfaces of the clover. I do not know if this effect is an artifact of the camera or not, but I almost fall into a trance staring at the screen at the spheres of water that seem barely to adhere to the cloverleaf.

raindrops clover 4


raindrops clover 5


raindrops clover 6 crop 1

And here is a violet that was poking through the clover:

raindrops flower clover

Note that the raindrops aren’t the floating spheroids as on the clover. Hmm.

When April showers may come your way
They bring the flowers that bloom in May
So when it`s raining have no regrets
Because it isn`t raining rain you know
It`s raining violets

And when you see clouds up on a hill
You know they`ll bring crowds of daffodils
So just keep looking for a bluebird
And listening for his song
Whenever April showers come along


One response to “I am a Camera: Raindrops on Clover

  1. clever of the clovers, eh ?

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