A Meme That Makes Itself

preposterous 1

CNN news anchor Don Lemon asks if Flight 370 was eaten by a black hole.

24-7 pile-of-morons media circus. Paddy Chayefsky nailed it with the hammer of prophecy in 1976:

You are television incarnate, indifferent to suffering, insensitive to joy. All of life is reduced to the common rubble of banality.


3 responses to “A Meme That Makes Itself

  1. Having had my face pressed against a TV screen since I could stand erect (+/- 60 years), and having experienced neither diminished IQ nor dulled sensibilities, I feel I must exempt myself from the conclusions in the foregoing quote. Sorry, Paddy. I take responsibility for what I watch and how it affects me, and retain the ability to discern quality from crap, and don’t apologize for dipping into the crap from time to time. On the other hand, I have grieved the decline in quality of education overall in recent decades that has produced a generation of journalists who equate adrenaline stimulation (measured in ratings) with newsworthiness, and viewers who have indeed become dense and indiscriminate. Fortunately, I still look hard at what’s around at TV land’s fringes and find much to applaud, and that gives me hope.

  2. I removed the context of the quote, dappled. William Holden’s character says it to the ruthless network exec played by Faye Dunaway.

  3. I don’t really believe IQ is much of measure of anything but I’m quite sure watching tens of thousands of hours of stuff like Gilligan’s Island, Hollywood Squares, Adam 12, and what all else as a child and teenager did have a probably profound effect on my brain.

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