Grendel’s Laundry List: The Current Stack

current stack 3 12 14 crop2

I still go to the public library to borrow and read actual, printed, paper books. I do, however, use the library-dot-org’s online catalog to search for and reserve books of interest to me. I also make a point while at the library to wander the stacks for serendipity’s sake.

I am humbly grateful that free public libraries still exist and that they still contain books, Gutenberg be praised! “Brick and mortar” libraries with books are likely considered obsolete by the Singularians who yearn to be one with the body digital, due for demolition, destined for extinction, as the hour of Glass comes upon us, but printed books are a durable medium for information storage and retrieval, and do not require batteries or connection to the grid to operate. The grid will not always be with us, and before it goes completely, what’s left of it will be available to fewer and fewer. So save your books. You and the people who come after you may want the information stored in them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat’s in your stack?


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