Radio Omed: Your Doctor’s Voice

dr. omed subphra big coat twk

Dr. Omed at the mike.

Rachel Short sent me the audio file of the February 6 ARTxFM Keep Louisville Literary segment on which yours truly was guest. I have duly uploaded the file to Soundcloud. To hear the Voice of Omed, listen here.

I had a good time, nattering away at Rachel and her cohost John Beechem, talking and reading poetry, telling a story or two on myself, with an occasional break for the music of Brent Mathis. Rachel has a good voice for radio, and also the on air sang froid necessary for a live interview. Thank you, Rachel.

The recording is unedited, with all the uhsumsy’knows, dead air, and assorted bobbles and flubs preserved for posterity. To my own ear, I sound like I’m doing a bad impression of Wallace Shawn, with an excess of verbal tics. I used y’know as conversational comma more often than Shawn does in My Dinner with Andre. But I promised to post the link, y’know…


One response to “Radio Omed: Your Doctor’s Voice

  1. Impressive. All participants. Perhaps you sat with the next Teri Gross. She got out of you your cogent messages as well as your persona.

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