love is cold subphra poster

This is the virtual poster I made for tonight’s event in the cellar bar at Decca. Click here to see the image I tweaked to make it. If you happen to be in the Louisville area, drop by. Here’s the Subterranean Phrases event page. There’s a link to a map.

At January’s SubPhra I told the audience I liked to read cold poems in cold weather, poems that give me a chill, because I love winter, and I thrive when the temperature is below freezing. Rachel, our host, has taken up that idea, and since Valentine’s Day is Friday, tonight’s theme has become “LOVE IS COLD.”  Rachel says, “Bring your coldest love poem.”

Selecting poems for the reading I realized that there was one love poem I have never posted to the Tent Show. It’s a ghazal, a Persian lyric form, and I’m rather proud that I managed follow the rules of the form and end up with a result I like. I plan to read it tonight; tell me if you think it’s cold enough:

Ghazal: The Word Never Spoken
Forgive me, love, the word never spoken,
the explicit silence, implicit lie, all unspoken.
Forgive me the syllables of trepass left unspoken,
tongues of fire broken on the wheel of sighs.
Forgive me the come hithers to which I gave no reply,
the women I never kissed, poems I wrote on the sky.
Forgive me, love, the altar I built across your thighs,
the bibles of honey I burnt on the pyre.
Forgive me the holy names I did not blaspheme,
the god I left lonely in his cold machine.
Forgive me, love, the word never spoken,
the explicit silence, implicit lie, all unspoken.
have a heart crop2 holga


4 responses to “LOVE IS COLD

  1. I love it! Both the image and the poem. And, yes, it’s cold enough for tonight. :)

  2. ah, the Wadjet eye, a draughtsman’s sectional rendering of the penultimate conjunctio oppositorum, captured in a crystallic heart of purest glaciation.
    A historionicity of the Eugenic error, petricalcified, lo these six decadents.
    And you the outré hapflegomena of my brain indeed, good Doctor…………… do so know how to eddimicate the chillen athwart the seeming idiosyncraticies of the collective.

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