Pardon me, Lorde…

…when the giant clown sings it, I can understand the words.

The counter on YouTube shows almost 5 million views of this viddy of Puddles the Clown singing Lorde’s hit Royals. Lorde’s own viddy of this song currently has more than 181 million views; Puddles is not exactly looming over Lorde by the numbers, but his numbers indicate that I am late to the virus, and many of you pilgrims and seekers have likely already viddied him. But…Lordy, does he loom, and he looms all over the song.

Puddles has his own YouTube channel, PuddlesPityParty–Check it out. I am.


3 responses to “Pardon me, Lorde…

  1. the cannibal witch doctor is just leaking outta that zoot suit…………

    gimme dat, gimme dat…………

  2. like this more every time I listen to it.
    Puddles has some sweet pipes.

  3. 6-22-14 can’t tell you, Good Doctor, how many times I have returned to this proper rendering of the Lorde. Thanx. The Cannibal Clown parks this perfume from the bestiary of the exotically failed royal grooms de la grump
    full upon the kingpin, no spares needed. And oh, the utility of that exeunt
    [ for surely there is more than one being beneath that whited cloud ], you
    cannot guess. The oigenotic song on desmodromic steroids, or as the
    Good Doc once sketched me amunch on my own heart, “it is bitter”.
    All in salvation of the nonce, of course. How sweet it is.

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