Random Photo

falls o ice globular 1

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.


One response to “Random Photo

  1. An octopus’s garden in lowest decibel,
    tincture on a slide of H1N1 naturopathic remedy
    for what ails ya, Pilgrim, Billy Boy Budd,
    A C-section of the Mag Imag,
    [ the magnum imagination,
    caliber of the Magisterium,
    jeroboam of infidelities of ma Natura ]
    attended by particulars, no compromises
    to be had, spermaticicles of forensic
    didacticism – the university wit
    freezing for remunerative dissection
    the dream of the first human in
    suspended animation on his birl
    to a berth at Alpha Centauri;
    a sliver normal to the chronosynclastic
    infundibulum of least expectations;
    and evermuch the wormroads
    wrought of aeonic necessity.
    The most difficult photo you have ever presented
    us with; I have reviewed it numerous times and
    realize that its metronomic Fantasial irrigors
    cannot be pinned down, nor extra-expli-forni-
    Cated. For real or for rue. It has me beat.
    For now.
    It is perhaps more rigourous (sic) than the Doctor’s
    finest Scissor Dances.

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