Heather Hanson: An Angel in Charcoal

Facebook is occasionally useful. It lead me to this artist, Heather Hanson, and her kinetic body drawing. The link I saw in my newsfeed was to distractify.com and I don’t like to feed the linkbait sites; four or five friends posted said link and I did not click. Then Australian poet Chris Mansell, whom I’ve known online since before blogging and elists were the new hotness, and who had a part in creating Dr. Omed, posted the link, and I clicked.

Here is the link to Hanson’s own site, heatherhanson.net, and the page with a large format viddy of the film Emptied Gestures.

Hanson’s kinetic drawing brings to mind Leonard da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man,


Zen sumi-e ink painting, and snow angels. An angel in charcoal rather than snow, revealing hidden geometries of human movement.


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