The Windlass Angels

da vinci windlass catapult twk

Leonardo Da Vinci, Catapult with Windlass


The Windlass Angels
rotate in the drum.
They raise crooked spires

to the doubtful sky,
augurs of the sun
dimming in the tide of blood.

The Windlass Angels
walk the ropes,
twist the wind into anvils,

forge and quench
the soul in knots,
crank up broken heavens from down pit,

put spin on the quoits,
hang stone saints
out to dry.

The Windlass Angels
weigh the anchors,
find the wanting

of bragging timbers,
corbel the arch
of the unstrung cross,

with heavy lift
and raven wings
tie the bow, fly like stone.
The first stone,
without sin.
The no stone, unturned.
The Windlass Angels
turn on a whim,
rehearse the bight of plagues
and braid with turks
the winch of harlots,
haul away, haul away, haul away home.
An old friend from the Salonista days posted a link on Facebook to Keith Richard’s Wingless Angels site. I misread “wingless” as “windless,” then decided I like “windlass” better than “windless,” and my muse Fred was off to the races. Thanks, Mambrina.
By the way, the Nyahbinghi music featured by Keith Richards on Soundcloud is well worth a listen.

2 responses to “The Windlass Angels

  1. RSVP from such an anvil thus proofed against the Hyperborean blast:
    ah your suffering, my friend, cannot be disintermediated into logic, linear narratives, and cultural commonplaces, no discounting allowed,
    even if to be parceled out to future sinecurists of the University persuasion, for to make their daily bread. Nil sine dementia juv.

  2. Mambrina lives! I had no idea. Silly me. Happy to have played virtual muse together with Keef.

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