Random Photo

electric manhole

 A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.


3 responses to “Random Photo

  1. Dr. Omed:
    What is the design in the photo; where is the photo taken?

    Mr. Curiosity

  2. Mr. Curiosity, it’s a manhole cover. I presume the design signifies the electric company. It’s in the alley between Second and Third Streets in Old Louisville, just off Hill St. What did it strike you as?

  3. the most irrandom symbol I’ve seen in quite a while.
    Beautiful, if poignant, considering the loss of meaning
    to our society.

    [ With two of such covers, of course, cymbals. ]

    A mandala expressing a unity of identity and ego
    within the Self, from an age no longer extant when
    the morphology of machine parts, and/or
    the common signs thereof, [ piping mostly ] , had
    not lost their intrinsic connection to the most ancient
    spiritual symbols. In “the days when men were men”,
    eh, Archie B. ?

    I wish to know if the cover is to a storm sewer, or to
    a service tunnel or some such for water supply
    mainlines. The bludgeon shape is most likely a
    sign of water, a drop disparaged these days as only
    a drip, a recognition that a man’s spirit is intrinsically
    identified with his generative force, a jismatic
    co-equivalence requiring no metaphysical explanation to our
    great grandfathers.

    I find a good deal of humor in the essential asymmetry
    at the center of a hammering reflectivity from all sides.
    But it is necessary: the castellations, so essentially male,
    within the inmost circle, are incomplete and variant in
    size for a number of reasons, but for one reason to allow
    the conjunctio of male and female elements.
    Pull up that cover, young man, the hieros gamatos lies
    someplace beneath.

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