Tullamore Tears and the Parting Glass


Last weekend old friend Balmoral sent me this link. The blogger Brandon McGinley at Acculturated in turn linked to the advert viddy I post above, for Tullamore Dew, a premium brand of Irish whiskey. Amid several paragraphs of perhaps unwonted analysis, McGinley wrote of

…the primary appeal of the ad, which rests in its portrayal of unironic and affectionate male friendship.

I don’t normally post adverts unironically to the Tent Show, but I make an exception for this viddy, which I think evokes the emotion of the old Irish folk song, The Parting Glass, very effectively.  I confess I got as misty as the ad’s Irish landscape. I’ll let Mr. McGinley describe the scenario:

The spot follows four young men across the rainy, verdant Irish countryside singing the old farewell song “The Parting Glass.”  By the time they sit down and raise a glass, we’re sure that one of their number has recently passed.  But as the church bells ring, a beautiful bride is revealed: it’s the wedding day of Jerry, one of the four friends.

All this is rather fraught. Balmoral is as I say an old friend, and I did in my capacity as minister perform the rites when he married another old friend last December; as it happens his bride is of Irish descent and is quite fond of Tullamore Dew. The title of the linked piece is Whatever Happened To Male Friendship?

…And all the harm that e’er I’ve done
Alas it was to none but me…

Balmoral: We will lift a glass, in greeting, not in parting, soon. In the meantime, you gave me such an earwig, and I compounded it by googling up multiple versions of Parting GlassI’m particularly stuck on this one from an Irish TV soap opera, Fair City:

Good night and joy be with you all…


6 responses to “Tullamore Tears and the Parting Glass

  1. In your travels, did you come across this version, which is my favourite? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD2gZDcGa_I (Skip the annoying advert at the beginning.)

    Good to see you posting again, Dr O.

  2. Dick Jones of Patteran Pages likes the Voice Squad, too, anne. I may have to post a Parting Glass, Redux. There are many, many YouTube viddies of people covering this song.

  3. Had to go through the links to thoroughly understand that by the word
    “transactionally”, the property of quid pro quo and no more than that
    was meant. In psychology it may mean the never-never reality of
    the common space of two voices from Martin Buber’s I [ vs ] Thou; or
    it may mean amongst enlightened Fraudians the tracking of repeated
    patterns of relationship between child, parent, and adult, within and
    without the personal mind.

    Research claims that male friendship is something formed only during
    a few critical teenage years; when one’s friends die, or move away, or
    give up the fight, one will be bereft of friendship. Clearly, the historical
    model is defective; it is an enterprise ongoing into the future to create ab
    initio a temenos in which male friendship might thrive. Other than warfare.

  4. I will look forward to having that drink, or several, with you and Mrs. Dr. Omed. The holiday season for me is all about spending time in “good company.” I will have Dew, Woodford Reserve, or your favorite waiting. Glasses up!

  5. Laphroigh, or any peaty Islay single malt, for preference. Burning tires with a hint of smoked bog mummies is the taste I crave from my whiskey. I’ll bring the bread and poetry.

  6. Slainthe’ baby… see you apres le Solstice

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