Viddy this: Danse Macabre

If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it.

Isadora Duncan

The creators of this lovely short film are Pedro Pires and Robert Lepage. More of their work can be found at Pedro Pires Films.

For a period of time, while we believe it to be perfectly still,
lifeless flesh responds, stirs and contorts in a final macabre ballet.
Are these spasms merely erratic motions
or do they echo the chaotic twists and turns of a past life?


4 responses to “Viddy this: Danse Macabre

  1. so one must ask, why install the corpse in an uber-expensive
    coffin if the ultimate scene is cremains unto crumbs ?

  2. So sad that “one” felt compelled to ask. Fascinatingly exquisite to my mind(eye).

  3. Spike is a little literal sometimes, Linda. Spike, repeat after me: Only a movie only a movie only a movie…

  4. Reductio ad absurdam is a minimalist response to video worshipping the adolescent participation mystique with Death [ yes, personified ]. In short,
    be careful what you eat. If dreams are the royal road to the unconscious,
    one might note that beauty in distress is the royal avenue to enslaving the unconscious Self. Get thee to a cartouche. And be sure that thou are the only-est occupant of that particular coffin.

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