A Banquet At Which We Feed

They can’t hurt you now.

Because I’m an old and don’t follow popular music other than in the most random way, I’ve never heard of “Garbage & Screaming Females,” but I like their version of this 1978 vintage Smith/Springsteen tune. These old ears like it better than Patti Smith’s original recording on the album Easter, but I had or possibly my roommate James had that album on vinyl (the snows of yesteryear are deep), and we played it often. The pops and clicks of the needle in the groove tap on my skull like a poltergeist. That’s a kind of pareidolia I can live with.


One response to “A Banquet At Which We Feed

  1. not my cuppa tea.
    boy singer has a throwback
    voice, might go someplace.
    why do I have to type out my
    edress every time I reply ???????????????????

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