Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, Creeps

spiral w sea turtle tcrop

The pace at which I blog is not so much petty as…asymptotic. I approach zero as I tend toward the infinitesimal. I come arbitrarily close to the oblique. Turtles all the way down.

You see, I like to make it all up as I go along, but my go along gets up and goes, and I forget which way it went. Then my out is in, my in is out, and I shake it all about. Functional nonfunctionality. Praxidoxy vs. doxapraxy. Fake it ’til I break it. If I don’t fall together, I fall apart (ἀσύμπτωτος) The result? Blatherskite.

I will not promise “more tomorrow,” as I did three plus weeks ago, unless I have all the struts and frets sorted out and ready to cut and paste. It’s not “all our yesterdays” but all those tomorrows that light “fools the way to dusty death.” Erase the aleph, and the golem falls to pieces.

Thoreau said, “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” I say signify, signify, signify a needy nothing, and trim it in jollity. Strumpet, rudely, that maiden virtue. Fritter away a million details. Don’t let that tale tell itself. Find an idiot.

The preceding word salad was brought to you by my twitterized brain. At least you got a scissor dance out of it, pilgrims.


3 responses to “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, Creeps

  1. Happy dance for the scissor dance.

  2. my pace of reply is more like asymptomatic.
    Of the abyss of obliquity.
    Or the fretting to be found therein.
    oh well.
    btw, actual word salads come without punctuation.

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