While we’re in the motherhood…

I went to the Mother’s Day service at the Clifton Uuey (Unitarian) Church, a hundred year old congregation in Louisville. Since pastor Todd Eklof went to another Uuey congregation in Washington State, the parishioners at Clifton have done without a paid minister, kinda making it up as they go along, and they’re getting really good at it. I really enjoyed the service. Mark Steiner and musical duo kRi & Hettie did a fine job at the pulpit.

When the congregation was asked to call out words describing their mothers, others called out monotonously positive words like loving, compassionate, caring and so on. Wicked, blackhearted knave that I am, I called out fearsome, then ferocious. For I inherited my black heart and wickedness from my mother, my ferocious mom. These were gifts of surpassing grace, and I am grateful. Thanks, Mom. I lit a candle for you.

mom day candles

We lit candles to all sorts of mothers, birth mothers, allo-mothers, future mothers, mitochondrial Eve mother of us all, and so on. I lit 4 candles in all myself, but while I was driving home it hit me that I had left a mom or mom aspect out, a mom that is very important to me.

My Aztec Mom:

My Aztec Mom

Toci, Teteo Inan, Coatlicue

Above is the original teotl ixiptla, the divine image of this tonantzin, this little mother. She’s been cleaned up since Tenochtitlan fell to Cortes; now she looks like this:

Guadalupe twk

But don’t let her fool you. She is the Lady in the Serpent Skirt. The Left Hand Woman. The Mother of all Blues. The Teeth Mother. I love you, Mom.


9 responses to “While we’re in the motherhood…

  1. Toci appears to be primarily an apotropaic constructed by a paranoid, overly aggressive, and overly male society. A ferocious symbol indeed compared to the Virgin Guadalupe. Note the denial of the completion of Ouroboros in the ithyphallic serpents. Compare the ancient Greek so-called “many-breasted Artemis”, an earth mother deity also requiring the puritanical counterweight of innumerable bull testicles. Note the sheer opposition of
    the two halves, compared to the praying conjunction of Guadalupe’s hands.
    Note the intense geometric patterns, an enforced conjunctio and a soporific,
    similar in purpose to a rosary, its round beads to be fingered to calm the internal conflicts. Note that the skull is essentially a vagina dentata. A mean mother indeed, in which the precise magical symbolism retains primeval potency.
    By comparison, in Guadalupe image, the strong magic has been blurred
    into advertising slogans for the R.C.C.
    What a treat you bring us, Dr. O.

  2. btw, is today the day to check the tether of Clarrisa, her turn in the good Dr’s barrel ??

  3. btw, lighting candles at the Unitarian ?
    what next, simony ??

  4. By the way, Toci – “Grandmother,” Teteo Inan – “Mother of Gods,” Coatlicue – “Serpent Skirt.”

  5. Yes, it may be time to yank that tether.

  6. I wasn’t joshing, Spike, I love–adore–the aspect of the goddess represented by the extraordinary Aztec sculpture, and I don’t regard myself as paranoid. Am I overly male?

  7. Hmmm. Denial of ouroboros. Almost right. Without the breaking of umm, unitarian symmetry, there is no metaphor, no dense imagery. We both of us worship at the rearranged conjunction of the severed bits, Spike.

  8. One of the candles I lit was for Clarissa.

  9. I also lit a candle for my Spike-Mom.

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