Undone Scissor Dance: Of One Essence

mother and son

OK. For those pilgrims and seekers who are not long time congregants at the Tent Show, A Scissor Dance is the name I give to the collages I do, collages cut and pasted the old fashioned way, with scissors, glue, and a stack of old magazines.

Some of my dances take a long, long time to come together, and I occasionally snap pictures while a dance is still in rehearsal, so to speak. I do this to preserve various arrangements of the elements I intend to use, the cut out bits laid on top of the backing board without glue, so I can look up a .jpeg rather than try to recall a precise layout. My cerebral cortex is in need of defragging, so I cyborg those images to digital memory.

The  image above is a Picasa tweak of one of the unfinished, undone Scissor Dances. I’ve been working with these elements, trying to make them dance, for a year or more. That rug just won’t cut. The pieces are in jumble on my desk. I often have no idea what a Scissor Dance is about, but I have come feel that this particular dance is about my mother and me. Or not. And it  is  was Mother’s Day.* So I tarted the in-progress snapshot, and post it here as a virtual (late) Mother’s Day card.

Oh yes. I’m  thinking of calling it μοούσιος, or, Of One Essence.

*My lap top suddenly decided it wasn’t talking to the wireless e-dohicky, just as I about publish this post yesterday, mDay. Oh well. It was a good day in the motherhood, nevertheless.


One response to “Undone Scissor Dance: Of One Essence

  1. One ought not comment as the work is still in progress.
    I guess the good Dr. expends considerable energy in
    order to maintain the very necessary state of “having
    no idea what the Scissor Dance is all about”.

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