Eh peekDas verrückte Kartoffel, es kann nicht zu Ende!


The rule of ideas is only powerful in a world that does not change. Ideas are inherently conservative. They yield not to the attack of other ideas but to the massive onslaught of circumstance with which they cannot contend. 

Considerable store is set by the device of putting an old truth in a new form, and minor heresies are much cherished. The very vigor of minor debate makes it possible to exclude as irrelevant, without seeming unscientific or parochial, any challenge to the framework itself.

The speaker or writer who addresses his audience with the proclaimed intent of telling the hard, shocking facts invariably goes on to expound what the audience most wants to hear.

A vested interest in understanding is more preciously guarded than any other treasure.

John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society, 1958


One response to “Eh…

  1. yes, indeed, J.K.G. , its long past time to
    disestablish the Senate. You highlight the
    favorite rhetorical device of that ruthless
    power bloc.

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