Open For Awhile, Closed Forever

Jonathan Winters, Surrealist Artist:

open awhile closed forever crop

winters art crop 2

a light in the attic crop luck

jwinters art luck crop


These are images of paintings by Jonathan Winters, harvested from Google Image. How many of you pilgrims and seekers knew that Winters was a visual as well as  a verbal surrealist? Now you know. Some of his paintings remind me of the streams of liminal imagery I experience, particularly when I’m on a manic high. I close my eyes, and the show begins. But the images, though vivid, go so fast–morphing one to another in a fraction of a second–I find it hard to retain them in memory. I posit that Winters was able to sample and hold his liminal imagery well enough to make paintings of it. I resort to collage to produce an echo of such dense imagery. Winters had a wild talent for downloading the collective in more than one medium.



2 responses to “Open For Awhile, Closed Forever

  1. um, yes, the similarity to the good Dr.’s collage storms out at me.
    Thanks. More later.

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