The Fensics: Tornado Warning

Damn, someone with the EP finally put it on YouTube…I give you a small piece of my youth…Norman, Oklahoma’s long lost punk band, the Fensics, with their one B side, Tornado Warning:

I saw the Fensics play live back in 1979.  They were managed by a poet, Mike Reynolds. Mike must not have very good at his job; the band didn’t last long. All that’s left is the single EP, no doubt a very rare item by now. Meanwhile…

january tornado warningTornado weather…in January.


One response to “The Fensics: Tornado Warning

  1. The Fensics tape won’t play on Utube. Starts but quits after a few seconds.
    The Motley Moose weather site very good. Looks like the good Dr.
    is at the northern tip of the high wind central zone.

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