Free Jazz

b w jazz at the rud crop twkCraig Tweddell and friends

Every Wednesday evening, jazz players in Louisville gather at the Rudyard Kipling (aka the Mother Lodge) and jam.  Mr. Tweddell rides herd this on ad hoc musical tag team, Kendall “Keyz” Carter is there to tickle the ivories when someone else won’t do it, and Lee, most gracious hostess and Our Lady of the Lodge, feeds those who hunger and pours the drinks for those who thirst:

Lee Fu and two beersLee Fu, Lady of the Lodge

Every Wednesday jam I’ve attended at the Rud, the majority of those who show up are musicians. Musicians who can play their instruments. This is not an “open mike night” where egos thrum and guitar heroes strum. The average level of capability is higher. This is jazz played with verve and a modicum of skill, a fluid and fluent ongoing conversation between the musicians. I am not a musician, but I have ears to hear, and I get to eavesdrop on that conversation. Better listening can not be had for the price of a beer. As Kendall puts it,

 Yeah, its Wednesday!!! So come on and get your Jam on with us tonight! Bring your axe and be ready to SWING YOUR FINGERS OFF!!!


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