Facebook Feminism: Wear a Tiara

bra what weapons

This is one of the images-with-text that propagates across the tangled web of Facebook “friends.” These little .jpg posters are virtual eye candy. A little squirt of cuteporn or funnyporn or outrageporn or pornporn (softcore on Facebook, go to reddit for hardcore) injected directly into your optic nerves.  I happen to like this one, but I do recognize it as a little collop of propaganda, as indeed I do many of the “quickmemes” I see in my Facebook feed.

Do most Facebook users realize when they click the “share” or “like” buttons that they are but one link in a great chain of propagation of propaganda? I think not. Little Sister (my own little orphan meme) has her own Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fides.

I conclude with a variation on the “Creepy Wonka” quickmeme known as the Condescending Wonka:

condescending wonka


4 responses to “Facebook Feminism: Wear a Tiara

  1. See what you’re missing by not joining Facebook, Spike?

  2. I think we need a new “condescending” meme …

  3. I don’t know…I’m thinking of making a Creepy Wonka picture poem. The repetition of the image and form of statement is tempting.

  4. No Facebooooook for me.
    The Soup Spike.
    I noticed that Fairy Princess outfits
    sold very well at Xmas, for the pre-
    school set. Some memes are
    deeply embedded.

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