Today is 7 Kib 4 Yaxk’in

504 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

The Future?

Check out the Hang Seng Index; you can watch the stocks fall and volatility rise in (sur)real time. Though the Masters of Paradigm have been baying to the Chicken-Little skies like a flack (flock+pack) of Shar-Poos on Ritalin that reducing debt and spending is the cure for our sovereign woes, it seems that the “markets” do not like governmental austerity nearly so much they think they do, which is to say, not at all. As soon as the debt ceiling bill (to be here and hereafter known as The Suck Heard ‘Round The World) was passed in Congress and  signed into law by President Obama, everyone suddenly looked up and noticed that the actual effects of enforced austerity in countries in the Euro Zone was, like, bad. And as the illimitable Atrios has sang out many a time:



The WD-40 Company should consider issuing its fine product in vintage years. It’s a pure petroleum distillate, no fish oil or hog lard–fine dinosaur wine, but currently non-vintage. One could invest in a case of vintage “40” as a hedge against inflation… Checking in at the company website, I see that it already offers a collectible series. Go to “Gunny’s Garage” and get in on the ground floor, folks…pre-peak-oil WD-40 can only accrue in value as pure petroleum lubricants become more and more rare; not to mention the nostalgia value that will also accrue as our military-technological Imperium fades, in a product promotion that “supports the troops.”


I try to think ahead, just for fun. What is fun for me is not necessarily fun for you. To prepare for my place in the new economy, I’m taking up stone knapping. Dr. Omed’s Fine Flint and Obsidian blades, suitable for all hunter-gatherer and neo-Aztec needs, including dressing out captured bankers and stockbrokers, coming soon to a fine rock shelter near you.

I have seen the aboriginal future, and it involves laying your still beating heart on the altar atop the Pyramid of the Sun.


5 responses to “Today is 7 Kib 4 Yaxk’in

  1. According to recent atmospheric studies in the Midwest, we don’t have to worry about running out of Roundup.

  2. I’ve kyped the bladehand photo for my Omed collection.

  3. What the markets like are those “barbaric relics” gold and silver. Great post, doc.

  4. WD 40 an overated product, i’ve used enough to know. One guy i
    worked for bought it by the liquid, no aerosol, gallon. But i love the
    stuff. Duct tape and WD, a grown man’s crayolas and twinkies.

  5. Nice work on the knife. Some of us gots more Neander genes
    than others.

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