Today is 3 Eb 0 Yaxk’in

508 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

Rising Bread as Full Moon.

Lammas had come round again. I take note of it on the Tent Show, when I remember, as I did two years ago today:

Lammas aka Loaf Mass aka Lughnasadh is a feast celebrated on the cross-quarter day halfway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox, by convenience of tradition,  August 1st or 2nd. It is called the feast of first fruits–the fruits of the year’s harvest. The first fruits are honored by baking bread made from flour milled from the new crop of wheat.

By tradition, the first reaping from the field is winnowed, milled, mixed, baked, and consumed all on the day or days (sometimes Lammas is two day affair) of the festival.

Today it’s too damn hot to bake bread, even virtually, so stare at the image above and imagine with me the Bread Moon rising in the evening sky while the tree frogs sing their hymns of sex and longing in the tall cypresses outside my window. As for first fruits,

…the spirit of thing is to honor and give attention to the “daily bread,” the food you put in your mouth on this day, preferably a food handmade from basic, unadulterated ingredients.

Food close to its roots, so to speak, that has some savor of the ground it grew in or place it came from, that’s best, though hunger can make a Twinkie, or potato chips, or a baloney sandwich on Wonder Bread with Miracle Whip, holy. You want to be hungry when you eat the food you’ve consecrated for Loaf Mass. Bringing your hunger to the table is part of what makes the food a holy offering and the table a consecrated altar to whatever god or gods you’ve asked to dinner.

The fruits I prepared for our dinner tonight were white yams, cucumber-leek salad with yogurt and dill, corn on the cob, and briefly (briefly) seared filet d’cow. Some of the meal was locally sourced via our neighborhood green grocer, The Root Cellar. If you live in Old Louisville, or anywhere near it, go see, feel, smell, taste, and buy the fresh, local fruits, veggies, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. The man (his name is Ron) needs your business, and we need such businesses and the local growers who supply them to survive and thrive in the coming years when local food will be the main source of calories available, as it will once the dinosaur wine becomes too expensive and we can no longer sustain long petro-fueled supply chains and industrial agriculture.

Others are having their tea party (sponsored by FOX news and with a salad bar catered by Applebees, hanging strange fruit in their Liberty Tree for another round of Whack-O-Bama. Let us take other liberties, and may the salt we take with our bread keep its savor. Watch the Bread Moon rise. Listen to the tree frogs chirruping in the cypresses.


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