I wish he were our president.


4 responses to “I wish he were our president.

  1. My father, a Democrat forever, said that his father, who died before I knew him, “worshipped” FDR. I presumed that his worship was due in part to the fact that, as a Democrat, my grandfather was able to land the political patronage job of local postmaster in his little village during the Depression. I also suspected that my grandfather must have been subject to some delusion about FDR, since I thought that no one could possibly be worthy of such unbridled affection and devotion.
    In all my years I heard only bits and pieces of FDR’s speeches, saw only snippets of videos and photos of him, and of course read books about him. Quite an impressive overview, but nothing like the fierce potency of hearing the broadcast on your blog to learn the nature of the man and the basis of his adoration. It moved me in a new way.
    The broadcast reveals a man of wholesomeness, deep conviction, and immense strength. In recent decades I have seen only politicians who generally try to please everyone and not offend anyone – as though we should all get along in the sandbox and try to understand and tolerate everyone no matter how terrible some behavior might become. No politician today would ever say or do anything that might alienate even a single voter. So the political parties leave us to select from two different flavors of vanilla.
    FDR’s proclamation that “I welcome their hatred” is such a powerful stance. “They get their victims to do their fighting for them.” …. He declared war not just against a poor ideology, but against an evil segment of the U.S. citizenry. He was keeping the locusts from consuming the garden. No wonder some of the richest men in America conspired to assassinate him. No wonder my grandfather adored him.

  2. Thanks, Bob. It’s good to hear from you.

    On political “vanilla,” I put the same thought rather more crudely; in the Republicrumbs and Dumbocrats, we have one flavor, two varieties: shit, and shit with raisins.

  3. This morning Mrs. Dr. Omed said, “You heard it here today; the Republican Party will disintegrate, just as the Whig Party did just before the Civil War, the Democrats will become the de facto Conservative party, and a third party under whatever flag will rise to take the Liberal/Progressive position. Don’t preclude the possibility of another Civil War, either.”

  4. yes, the ‘Bumma as Millard Fillmore,
    its becoming clear. He surely is not
    the type of FDR, Abe, or the Raygun.

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