Today is 1 Men 8 Wo

965 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

Plug and Abandon

A found poem constructed of phrases taken verbatim from oil well operation reports.

Bleed well down.
Break out anchor and drains,
pump shoe and two jits.

Unland to donut and gas anchor.
Drain gas anchor mud joint.

Install BOP.
Spud in.
Plug and abandon.

Fish in well consists of 16 jits.
Load hole with produced water.

POOH with guns,
POOH with kill string,
finish POOH with rods.

Bleed well down
Plug and abandon.


One response to “Today is 1 Men 8 Wo

  1. POOH=pull out of hole.

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