Today is 12 Ben 6 Wo

967 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

Spill, Baby, Spill.

How’s that off-shorey oily drilly thing goin’ for ya? I’ve been doing a little googling this morning. As yet I have been unable to determine whether any intrepid enfotainment reportobots have asked Sarah Palin whether or not “Drill Baby Drill” is still in her repertoire as part of her American Idol Grifter Edition schtick. It seems she is, as is her wont, unavailable to take unscreened questions. Perhaps ex-vice-presidential candidate Palin has joined ex-Vice President and Big Oil goon Dick Cheney in an undisclosed location–I hear he has a villa in Dubai.

However, Google did lead me to a blogger, Your Right Hand Thief, who opined that calling the oil slick off the Mississippi delta “Lake Palin” was unfair and a bit “cheeky.” Unfair and cheeky are two of my favorite flavors of political slander: Pilgrims and seekers, as Pope of the Seventh Day Atheist Aztec Baptist Synod, I grant absolute and perpetual indulgence to any virtual communicant who spreads the Lake Palin/Gulf oil spill meme by blog, by Facebook, by Twitter or any other form of online “social media.”

Your Right Hand Thief himself called the slick “Black Swan Lake,” which I thought was rather witty; but the indulgence is awarded only for Lake Palin.

Of course, the thing that angers me is that the guy I voted for, Obama the Human Comma, in another flip towards the big flop, endorsed offshore drilling off the Atlantic coast. Monday before last I was watching an Osprey fishing in the surf of the Atlantic Ocean at Chincoteague Island, Virginia. I felt it a blessing and a privilege to be there. I wasn’t angry that day. I couldn’t be “Angry At The Sun” with my toes digging in to the sand of that gorgeous beach.

When I sit here and think about a Gulf of Barack off Chincoteague Island, I get angry. Time to go for a walk in the sunshine.


One response to “Today is 12 Ben 6 Wo

  1. Dave at collinda

    How about Lake Obama-Palin?

    I have chanted this mantra for going on two years. It does not seem to be working. As pertains to Barack Hussein Obama – FOLLOW THE MONEY. Look at the campaign finance reports. Understand the implications of being the first Presidential candidate to forgo public campaign financing since the program was initiated and the lies told by his campaign to obscure the source of funding for the most expensive political campaign in the history of the world. His behavior regarding all matters – all – is a precise reflection of the interests of those who brung him; he knows well who to dance with. And he is one helluva hoofer and that is for sure. Makes makes Bill “Bojangles” Robinson look like a grade school wanna be. I mean, really; it takes a true master to proclaim that we will drill off shore so as to reduce carbon emissions and not bust a gut laughing. Helluva dance, you betcha.

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