Today is 8 Ok 8 Kumk’u

1010 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.


The King of March plucks
a green spike
from the nest of thorns
in his hair.
Drives it,
nail into slug,
into the hollow anvil,
his tongue,
and clucks
his rosary of scars,
a circle jerk
of incumbent scripture,
to the sensible world.

He weeps to see a green day.

From a crow blackened distance
caws one red prayer:
It wears his grandmother’s rustle
and crepe.
The clutch
of this brood claw
across the skip
of his heart,
a drag of cardinal’s scarlet:
a flutter of eminence
in the blood.

His vampire, tucked
like a guitar
into its velvet coffin,
and locked inside his shed
of iron tears,
under its quilt
of warm tattoos.

It was a green day.


2 responses to “Today is 8 Ok 8 Kumk’u

  1. ach, three fluteds of the vintage Dr of Drom,
    furrows of trimoron down the back,
    and shall I be equal to the task ?

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