Today is 10 Lamat 6 Mak

1112 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

“The Greatest Resource our company will ever have is each other.”


7 responses to “Today is 10 Lamat 6 Mak

  1. Perfectly ironic image, from the boxes to the mail thingy ascew to the unplugged cord. To the empty chairs.

    (I hope this is not personal knowledge on your part.)

  2. Ah, but it is personal. I took the picture. It is Mrs. Dr. Omed’s former place of business, dismantled and destroyed in an acquisition.

  3. Dave at collinda

    A picture perfect sign of our times. I hope things are ok for you and Mrs. Dr. in the wake of the gutting of the former employer.

  4. It’s a long story. Mrs. Dr. O was retained by what we came to call “the insane clown factory” while most the people working at her company were laid off–right after xmas last, of course. She’s been working for them for the clowns since but recently accepted a position with another company located in Gaithersburg, MD. She’s in Gaithersburg right now–Today is her first day with the new folks.

    We will be moving to Maryland sometime in January. Mrs. Dr. O was happy to fire the ICF. She got a significant raise, and the new company is paying for our move.

    I will have to find something to do, but I’ll be glad to leave my well-furnished rut of my present job behind.

    So, yes, things are ok for us.

  5. Wow! Such news! Congrats. I must visit Tulsa before you move.

  6. Doc!! That’s wonderful news! Congratulations to you both!

    This picture is perfect, btw.

  7. Big changes. I hope your move goes well and you find some new hopefully more satisfying work. I am still in my job but hating it, being tortured by a new boss 20 years younger than me who wants me to leave, but afraid to because of my age and the weak economy. Almost maybe finally in a semi-relationship with a guy who doesn’t really have time but doesn’t want to stop seeing each other. Also very unsatisfactory. So I’m complaining that I have a job and a love life. Everything sucks as usual. Love your new scissor dances.

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