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Today is 1 Manik’ 5 Yax

1173 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

good hands


a lovely face covered with powder
and rose petals,
a cluster
of faces
cloaked in gray ash,
smooth as an oil slick.
skin covered with ink.
hair covered with feathers.
we are not burning,
we are not
we are
sitting near
a gap, a small chasm
staring mutely at each other.
there is something about this,
this beauty that aches,
that aches
but does not cry out.

P. F. Anderson

Today is also Momentile Monday. P. F. Anderson wrote this poem in response to the very first scissor dance I posted as tinydancer; Anderson blogs her poetry at Rosefire Rising; she ’tiles excellent images at

I ’tile multifariously, as tinydancertinydoctorEtellyhobokelly, and maybe under other e-aliases but that would be telling. See this post for a bit more on Momentile and why I’m ’tiling.