Today is 7 Ahau 18 Ch’en

1180 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

coffee with Fred 40 sharp 1

mariposa, spread
your lashes, lips, your fine tongue
embrace the long line
hollowed with heat, memories,
opening to erasure

Today is also Momentile Monday. The very first one, as a matter of fact. I posted the scissor dance on Momentile as tinydancerP. F. Anderson wrote the caption. It’s because of her captions that I’m making my Mondays Momentile. Anderson blogs her poetry at Rosefire Rising; she ’tiles excellent images at

I ’tile multifariously, as tinydancertinydoctor, Etellyhobokelly, and maybe under other e-aliases but that would be telling. Dr. Omed has MAD (Multiple Avatar Disorder).

See my last post for a bit more on Momentile and why I’m ’tiling.

Update: Deb Scott has posted her Monday Momentile on Stoney Moss.

6 responses to “Today is 7 Ahau 18 Ch’en

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  3. I thought you might just be a MAD doctor. (I didn’t realize Etellyhobokelly was you. I thought you were just enamored with them, or their pimp. Should have picked up on your banner. I really like those, too. BTW, as long as we’re disclosing.)

  4. One of your very best scissor dances, Doc.

  5. i commented on this skissoring last week,
    but it seems to have vanished into the ether.
    Something about “zero at the bone”; the
    feeling returns with every viewing.

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