Today is 2 Men 13 Ch’en

1185 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

timed egg ptwk

The face of the fire goddess swells with her aching,
dozens of her nipples leak blood and cluster together,
around her spin seconds become hours and hours become seconds,
as the air consumed abandons both breath and breathing.

P. F. Anderson

I posted this Scissor Dance* on my tinydancer account on Momentile back in August. What is Momentile?

Momentile is a free online service that easily lets anyone chronicle their day with a single image…A momentile consists of a single image, defined only by the date it was published. That’s it. Void of explanation and free from context, a momentile is pure visual communication.

That’s from the About page, and it’s a fair description. I find it easy to use, the learning curve very mild as online interfaces go. One image per momentiler per day, no text unless the text is in the image itself.  I enjoy selecting and uploading my single image. Void of explanation and free from context.

Welcome to my void. This is where it gets interesting: You can’t post a caption to your own image, but you can caption other ’tilers images, and any ’tiler (everyone) logged on to Momentile can caption your ’tile. P. F. Anderson wrote the above “caption” to this Scissor Dance. Who is P. F. Anderson?

P. F. Anderson is someone I “know” primarily through microblogging, on Twitter and on  P. F. Anderson is in fact the one who sent me the invitation to join Momentile (currently in alpha testing) in the first place. I am grateful to her for that, but that’s not why I’m posting her caption to my ’tile; I post her caption because I like it. P. F. Anderson, I have discovered, is a very fine poet. She can write a sonnet, with proper meter, rhyme scheme, and real skill with the form.

P. F. Anderson has written vatic poem-captions for several of my ’tiles, and you may soon see more ’tiles and more of her lovely captions on the Tent Show (unless she says not). Why? Because a momentile a day keeps the Doctor in play.

*A Scissor Dance is a collage cut and pasted the old fashioned way, with scissors, glue, and a stack of old magazines.

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