Today is 1 Ik’ 0 Yaxk’in

1238 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

3 loaves for lammas ptwk

Today is also Lammas.

Lammas aka Loaf Mass aka Lughnasadh is a feast celebrated on the cross-quarter day halfway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox, by convenience of tradition,  August 1st or 2nd. It is called the feast of first fruits–the fruits of the year’s harvest. The first fruits are honored by baking bread made from flour milled from the new crop of wheat.

By tradition, the first reaping from the field is winnowed, milled, mixed, baked, and consumed all on the day or days (sometimes Lammas is two day affair) of the festival. These days I recommend the freshest bag of Bob’s Red Mill or King Arthur bread flour you can find on the shelf at the local grocery store.  In Tulsa, such can be found at Whole Foods or Reeser’s.

I’m a retired journeyman baker, and I bake bread at home on a semi-regular basis, so this is an easy thing for me to do. If you can’t bear the thought of firing up the oven on the first of August, or baking anything at all is too daunting to face–no worries–the spirit of thing is to honor and give attention to the “daily bread,” the food you put in your mouth on this day, preferably a food handmade from basic, unadulterated ingredients.

Food close to its roots, so to speak, that has some savor of the ground it grew in or place it came from, that’s best, though hunger can make a Twinkie, or potato chips, or a baloney sandwich on Wonder Bread with Miracle Whip, holy. You want to be hungry when you eat the food you’ve consecrated for Loaf Mass. Bringing your hunger to the table is part of what makes the food a holy offering and the table a consecrated altar to whatever god or gods you’ve asked to dinner.

Even if you have no gods (as I don’t), don’t forget to set out an extra plate for an unexpected guest. Place on it a stone. The guest will tell the stone to become bread. When the stone becomes bread, the guest has arrived.


6 responses to “Today is 1 Ik’ 0 Yaxk’in

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  2. I’m sans oven since buying this stoveless house (not even a space to put one). It’s good to know someone’s doing the baking.

  3. One of the enduring joys of my life arises from my decision over 15 years ago to confront my fear of baking. It has become a rare event that store bought bread can be found in our home. It has been said that a wood fire warms thrice – when the wood is cut, when it’s split and when it is burned. Likewise – as you know well – bread gives sensory pleasure thrice; tactile when kneading, olfactory when baking and taste when eating. Staff of life, indeed!

  4. Nice loaves of bread! It is always nice to see folks who have embraced baking. Quality flour will make a difference. Joan@KingArthur Flour

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