Today is 1 Muluk 7 Xul

1251 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

possible Jupiter impat 7 19 09

Preliminary image showing a black mark in Jupiters South Polar Region (SPR) which is almost certainly the result of a large impact – either an asteroid or comet – similar to the Shoemaker-Levy impacts in 1994.

Dark impact mark first noted at approximately 1330UTC on 19th July 2009 from my home observatory just outside Murrumbateman NSW Australia.

Anthony Wesley

Via Susan Delaney on Twitter:

ALERT: observational astronomers: plz train your telescopes on Jupiter for possible impact event tonight

Dark impact mark first noted on Jupiter at approx 1330UTC on 19th July 2009 from home observatory near Murrumbateman NSW Australia

Jupiter C.M. transit times, 2009.07.19 19:17 Object longitude: L2= 216,0° + 0,0000°/d * (T – 2009 Aug 01,5) Time interval: 20090719-20090801

Jupiter: 2009Jul 19 06:09 ( 216°) 16:05 ( 216°) 2009Jul 20 02:00 ( 216°) 11:56 ( 216°) 21:52 ( 216°) 2009Jul 21 07:47 ( 216°) 17:43 ( 216°)

New Link:

Update/Anthony Welsey to

I have imagery of that same location from two nights earlier without the impact mark, so this is a very recent event. The material has already begun to spread out in a fan shape on one side, and should be rapidly pulled apart by the fast jetstream winds. I recorded a lot of footage, and will be generating more images and a rotation animation soon.


One response to “Today is 1 Muluk 7 Xul

  1. Congratulations Anthony!!!!

    I’m a bolivian woman and I’m a frustrated astronomer :-) , things in life.

    However, I’m very happy when I read news like these.

    Could you give some advice on which telescope to buy to view outside in amateur way?

    My best regards,


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