Honduran blogger “figgy” blogs the coup:










3 responses to “Honduran blogger “figgy” blogs the coup:

  1. It helps to visit the country to realize how wide the gulf is between the campesinos/workers and everyone else. The blogger “doesn’t know anyone who wants Zelaya to come back.” No, of course not.

  2. Yes. But one could substitute “The blogger doesn’t know anyone who voted for Ahmadinejad” and say it helps to visit Iran to realize how wide the gulf is between the rural poor (who support Ahmadinejad as a populist against the clerics and the urban elites) and the everyone else.

    Why is someone entirely equivalent in political and social class to “figgy,” blogging (or tweeting or facebooking) from Iran seen as a valid witness and figgy in Honduras not?

  3. I didn’t say figgy wasn’t a valid witness. But the comparison is very telling.

    This afternoon, I stumbled on a small community of Honduran poetry bloggers, all using Blogger. All were uniformly outraged at the coup. But that too is somewhat expected: to be a poet in Latin America is almost invariably to be a leftist, unless you’re Borges.

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