Graceful Ghost

A graceful ghost
plays stumble bum
and shuffles
off the buffalo
his astaire frayed and threadbare.

He lurches with the snap
into a minor key.
The melody wanders like a lost soul
dancing on the ceiling.

Caterwauled and vaulted
into stone heaven,
his echo re-echoes
fanfare and flourish,
percussive steel toes play taps
in remorse code,
a bit of the old soft shoe.

Marleyboned Boo Jangles
taxidancing with Madame X
for spare prophecy.

This is the melody I unchained in life…


4 responses to “Graceful Ghost

  1. cherokeebydesign
  2. Pingback: tinydoctor's status on Friday, 26-Jun-09 04:34:16 UTC -

  3. Since this appears to be used as a eulogy or ode for the performer M. Jackson, might the good Dr. expound a bit on the provenance of his existing poem, “Graceful Ghost”. Just curious.

  4. It’s the same damn poem, Spike. It bespoke to the circumstance, and fit for the occasion.

    Now, where’s my cat o’ nine pickles….

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