Today is 12 Imix 19 Sotz’

1279 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

How bout them tomatosHow ’bout them tomatoes?

Today is also the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice–the first day of Summer, the longest day and the shortest night of the year, just as the Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day. Among our circle of friends we have a fire ceremony which I made up off the top of my head for a Winter Solstice party a few years back, and which we perform at both the Solstices and the Equinoxes of the solar year. A once impromptu ritual is now an ingrained tradition, and if I forget part of it or get it wrong, I will immediately be reminded and corrected by the congregation.

It’s very simple and entirely ecumenical; doesn’t matter what you believe or whether you believe anything at all: the best kind of religious service, as far as I’m concerned. It goes like this. As the sun is going down, build a fire and light it, keep it burning. Go have something to eat and drink. We do a home prepared potluck feast, with plenty of beer and wine to go with, but what you will.

Each congregant sits down at some point in the evening and makes two lists on separate pieces of paper (we like to use Chinese joss paper). On one piece of paper write down a list of “Begones,” which is anything or anybody you wish to pass out of your life. On the other write out a list of “Will-Be-Dones,” which is anything or anybody you wish to come into your life. When all congregants have completed their lists–some people spend a lot of time on their lists, particularly the Begones–we all go out to the fire.

Each person picks a small piece of preferably aromatic wood out of a basket, and is given Chinese joss money to burn. Each person puts their piece of wood on the fire, one by one. Then the lists. Begones go first. As each person puts their list on the fire, everyone yells “BEGONE!” as loud as they please. Then go the Will-Be-Dones; all yell “WILL-BE-DONE!” with, of course, a will. Then everyone throws their joss money on the fire and yells “LET IT BURN!” That’s about it, really.

If you have a pope, which we do, he or she will pronounce a blessing, and give a short (short) homily. Then go back in the house and have another drink. Let the Begones be gone, let the Will-Be-Dones be done, and let us have money to burn. Prost!

By a nice coincidence, Father’s Day falls on the Summer Solstice this year,  so don’t forget to toast your fathers, but not over the fire–unless you really like your fathers toasted–like marshmallows.

“Papa Omed”

grandpa,india clothing 1 crop 30 tweakHappy Father’s Day, Dad

a cool daddy in white caddyThe cool Daddy in the white Caddy wishes well swished wishers swell wishes.

Nihil Obstat. Ego Pater Omed.


8 responses to “Today is 12 Imix 19 Sotz’

  1. Sounds like a cool ceremony. But my favorite thing here is the tongue twister at the end.

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  3. Digging potatoes was as close as we got to a summer solstice celebration.

    I wish our tomatoes looked as good (i.e. were as far along) as yours.

  4. Digging potatoes can be a celebration. Potatoes fresh from the ground boiled with a dash of salt and a dab of butter can be pretty damn tasty all by themselves.

  5. ‘l Papa as Hud in the Hote d’ Huppmobile.
    Could it be a sign from days gone by ?

  6. Sorry I missed it.

    BTW, what’s happening with your tweets. Letter salad?

  7. Jonah, can’t you recognize a simple transposition cipher when you see it?

    It’s a composed alphabet salad; fsor ldwa keli No walnuts.

  8. I wish my tomatoes were that big.

    I wish I had those socks.

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