Fresh Scissor Dance: Menstruum of Silver and Gold

gold bugs twk3The Menstruum of Silver and Gold

How many angels must cry for silver and gold?

Lenny Kravitz

I remember a funny dreamer in Leipzig who pretended that gold, which is a pure fire, could not be opened or made potable except by another pure fire. In so saying he was not wrong, and it is so in truth. But I asked him what he understood by the fire that was to dissolve gold. He did not wish to tell me but said that it was a fire that only lights but does not burn. Now I well remembered that Paracelsus also wrote of such a fire, but whether that dreamer understood what was meant by it, I doubt very much, for in such a fire the angels and good spirits are also transformed.

Joannes Agricola, Treatise on Gold


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