My hand does not grieve over the loss

Of this untouchable hour of the night;

Rather these tips pass over your Legal Tender,

Seeking to finesse with private contacts

The dividends of your inky violets,

Wanting Cash in Hand, wanting

One more run of your Stock

Under plates Justice dares not confiscate,

Until G-Man can trace the evidence

Of corruption, of Treasury despoiled at ease,

Wanting Counterfeits of quality, wanting

Nullities of this hour of the night………….


No, hand does not grieve this loss.

For only by this niggard hour

Be coward Flesh exposed —

A mutual dependency of Felons,

A criminal Conspiracy intent on slickering

The vaulted Treasury of One Nation, under god.


Eugene Zandler, 2003



  1. :

    “She was followed by former Clinton economic adviser and professor of economics Laura D’Andrea Tyson, who discovered there were “no poems about money or the GDP rate,” she said.
    “I conclude that my profession is an entirely soulless profession.”

    Professor Tyson, architect of Bill Clinton’s economic policy, said the above at a poetry performance on U.C. at Berkeley,
    to various notable poets including Ivan Arguelles. Little did she know.

  2. A very little little.

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