Today is 11 Ok 13 Pax

1410 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

tekapo-starlight-reserveAP Photo/Fraser Gunn

TEKAPO, New Zealand (AP) — This little town is in the dark and proud of it.

Where other places greet the night by lighting up their streets and tourist attractions, this one goes the other way — low-energy sodium lamps are shielded from above, and household lights must face down, not up.

The purpose: to bring out the stars.

The town of 830 people on New Zealand’s South Island is on a mission to protect the sight of the night sky, even as it disappears behind light and haze in many parts of the world.

The ultimate prize would be UNESCO’s approval for the first “starlight reserve,” and already the “astro tourists” are coming.

Complete article here.

I hope Tekapo gets its “starlight reserve” designation. What a lovely idea.

Pretty River    to Sam

Pretty River in flat space meanders,
turbid with dark matters,
building shoals of star-forged dust.

Pretty River’s fish are burning,
trailing cold fire in their pretty wakes.
Are you alone in the dark, dark enough to see?

Pretty River sparkles with no fault stars
and we underlings
resolve them how we will, with myths or mirrors.

Pretty River murmurs and hisses.
They that have big ears will hear
rumors of cosmic kisses and near misses.

Pretty River rolls like dice;
on its stars you cannot map the same myth
or tell the same story twice.

Pretty River has no morals to apply.
The quantum of fate
exhibits randomness to a high degree.

Pretty River is a quarrel
in which all parties agree.
Sums over history do not solve the mystery.

Pretty river is not a river you can cry,
it just keeps rolling on
’til all its deltas epsilon, and all the seas gang dry.

And all the seas gang dry,
ether washing clean the firmament
Pretty River runs on and runs off.


4 responses to “Today is 11 Ok 13 Pax

  1. Beautiful, Doc. I want to go to that place.

  2. In the Sixties, one could still see the river
    non interruptus just twenty five miles north
    of downtown Phoenix.

  3. The river still flows above collinda, TX, located about 50 miles north of San Antonio and 50 miles west of Austin, but its sheen is duller now.

  4. An uplifting tale and an appropriately celebratory poem to follow.

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