Today is 7 Ahaw 3 Muwan

1440 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.





3 responses to “Today is 7 Ahaw 3 Muwan

  1. And determined to get it.

  2. So I just wrote this really long rant against Obama’s call to service. Perhaps I’m just a bad person. You tell me!

    Hope you’re doing well, Doc. I sent you a card but I have no idea if it got to you. I think I only have your old address.

    Big hugs

  3. While i have gone to the old site just to submit myself to the Scissor Dances, it is entirely appropriate to coldly furnish forth the new site with classics.
    btw, one Nathan told me recently that your S.D.’s were works of “genius”. Well, doh.

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