Today is 5 Etz’nab 1 Muwan

1442 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.


Obama and Spidey do the fist bump. Spiderman IS a known terrorist, after all.


On Jan. 14, Marvel Comics is releasing a special issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583 with Obama depicted on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and even a fist-bump between Spidey and the new president.

The issue, selling for $3.99 at comic-book specialty shops (find one at, is expected to be an instant sellout, especially because the Obama cover, by Phil Jimenez, is limited to half the run.

“This issue will have a lot of heat and go for premium prices. I already have people calling about it,” says Alan Giroux, owner of All About Books and Comics in Phoenix. “I expect this will be on the collectors’ market for $20 by the first day.”

Get it while you can if you can. Too bad the artist can’t draw worth a damn. In the fist bump panel, Obama looks more like a young OJ Simpson than himself.  The cover is slightly better, but I’m not sure it’s by the same artist. A Berni Wrightson Obama is what I want. Still, once FOOM, always FOOM–I’ll fork over the shekels if I can find a copy. Somewhere, Stan Lee is grinning.

H/t to Brother Warren


4 responses to “Today is 5 Etz’nab 1 Muwan

  1. 3.99! I can remember buying comic books when they were 15 cents apiece. I’m old, old, old.

  2. I’m buying collections these days rather than individual issues. My current fave is “Fables” by Bill Willingham.

  3. I haven’t bought a comic book in years. I’m too cheap. I can buy an interesting old hardback book at the thrift store for less.

  4. Ever since The Katzenjammer Kids wowed one
    Pablo P., comics have been the primary art form and most important political opinion as well. The trend continues strong in the midst of our Chiliastic Conundrum.

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