Today is 13 Ben 16 K’ank’in

1447 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.





5 responses to “Today is 13 Ben 16 K’ank’in

  1. No more Bad Dog.

  2. Ah, the iconic Amur’kan masque. Slip ’em the
    cannibal clown. Dr. O nails the deceit to his mural. More later.

  3. Oh Samsung slew by the jawbone of an ass
    but Gimme dat, gimme dat skullbone
    the dowjones jones of a cannibal mineral
    general man, dah, redbleu masque of the homin-
    us, -id, -ego kraterman, daha ha ha, principal
    animal, the cannibal clown, da by his kiinder
    do ye know him, da only as a man handles his
    mien do ye know him, bah, bags and blankets begone,
    Begonia Woman knows, Howdy DooDieu Man knows,
    do do that hoodoo he doooes so well, no bags,
    no breasts — the Doctor reneges, da credible mosque
    no maas of ostasiaticus meets da Incan-tation to be found
    on Highway 66 revisited anon, ananke rather, da da da
    the backskating mantelhung fishnet giftnet emptified by
    its opposites, da goo-goo-googly eyes of girlitude,
    bluewhitebonecrested aawwwe and the terminal
    rowdy gingevectomized unmask of the Ojibwah
    Ojodediosity of, the singular polyphemotic
    penetruculent beam of the thirdeyewordeye
    claptrussist hisseff, Mr. Howowowowdy Doooody.

  4. In revisiting this Dance just after the departure of the Dubicant, i see that i failed to comment on that incarnation of the archetypical Amurkan
    sassboy, a live Alfred E Neumann/Howdy Doody.
    In retrospect, the remarkable psychotic masque of the Booosch as the avatar of Alfred E. is best forgotten, it being an unintentional lampoon of a fictive of purest Americana. The Doody of art serves to warn us against the dark side, the Shadow, of the quintamurkan; the Howdy Sucker, geee haww, in awe that a boy detribalized, freed of duty to the oppressive past, young enough that his body parts have not yet tortured him into submission, is not therefore guaranteed of his Promised Land.

  5. Uncle Grandpa

    Spike must be crazy. This is a picture of my first grade class. “ostasiaticus”, my sweet patootie! “Murka” indeed.

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