Today is 3 Kaban 0 Mak

1483 shopping days until  4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.



4 responses to “Today is 3 Kaban 0 Mak

  1. The Tulsa Public Library ?

  2. Hey Buddy,
    I don’t seem to have a current address, so I’m writing to you here, but what is up with that Perezoso thing. The Sloth? You’ve never been that. Tell me what it means to you.


  3. Dr O,
    The above comment probably didn’t make any sense, did it? By way of explanation, I believed that a frequent commenter using that name has been spoofing your identity. But now I’m not so sure, because everybody that is using the no-reply option for comments is showing up as you. Very strange…

  4. Mark,

    I don’t know who this Perezoso is, but it ain’t me. These days, I comment even less often than I post, and as you can see I don’t post all that often.

    I am confused, tho. How can Perezoso be spoofing me if heshe is not using my name? I mean, how do you identify “Perezoso” as “Doctor Omed”?

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