Today is 10 Kawak 2 Yax

1541 shopping days until  4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

Tulsa State Fair, 2004



A raindrop. A bullet.

The ghost of a kiss

grazes my lip.


The babe hits a home run;

a lifetime

of State Fair midway thrills


lands like a two-by-four up side my head.


Neon stars spill


from her black velvet sack.

The tilt-o-whirl shrills.

It is crowtime, the month of Sundays.


I am in love with the odors

of the fair

the way a pyromaniac is in love


with the smell

of lighter fluid

poured over a sleeping wino.


I walk among her prey

tasting the air

heavy with the spice


of the black orchids

she wears in her hair.

I cross her palm


and the Madame Fate’s

whisper comes,

La Belle Dame sans Merci hath thee in thrall.


Note: The last line is of course from the Keats poem La Belle Dame sans Merci.


2 responses to “Today is 10 Kawak 2 Yax

  1. How did L. Cohen end up at the Tulsa version of the OK state fair?

  2. I like this.

    Drop by some time. I feel that we’ve lost touch somewhat.

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