The McCain Campaign’s Next Stunt


Aspirational VPILF Bible Spice challenges Biden to a strip policy match. Same rules as strip poker, applied to the debate format. Her goal is to get stark naked as quick as possible. Her inability to answer questions coherently becomes an asset, not a liability. She can even speak in tongues if she likes.

Bible Spice might get an odd question or two right by accident, but there’s a limit to how many items of Victoria’s Secret new “Chillbilly” line of intimate apparel she can put on under a good Republican designer suit–the fur is left on the hide.

Bible Spice gets naked, she wins by losing, Biden loses by winning, and no one will even remember what the questions were. Questions?

For an encore, She and Wrinkly Spice can lip synch to “We are the Champions, My Friend.”


One response to “The McCain Campaign’s Next Stunt

  1. Thanks for the warning, Doctor. Though I avoid all coverage and most discussion of this quadrennial farce, armed with this knowledge, I will redouble my avoidance efforts. The thought of a bible thumping bimbo in the buff is simply tooooo much to contemplate.

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