Today is 7 Ak’bal 6 Ch’en

1557 shopping days until  4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

Perturbed pond scum.

That’s all we are.

The Board of Governers of the Federal Reserve Press Release.

Calculated Risk’s Comment on Crisis.


Google has filed patents to create deep sea floating platforms to house its massive data centers. Not only would these “barges” be economical (lower cooling and energy costs), they would be outside tax and enforcement jurisdictions of all nation-states. If this effort is successful, it could result in an effort to rapidly construct offshore facilities (spread out for robustness and built by a multitude of companies). Interestingly, since the core of most multinationals is now software (people are replaceable and/or interchangeable via outsourcing), the shift to offshore locations would make companies nearly invulnerable to state coercion. 


3 responses to “Today is 7 Ak’bal 6 Ch’en

  1. Actually, I’m not too perturbed at present.

  2. I’m not personally perturbed, I was speaking of collective motion.

    You seemed somewhat perturbed at the possibility of a Palin presidency.

    There’s a line spoken by the character ‘Kosh’ in the SF tv series Babylon 5: “The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.”

  3. In that the current events; financial, foreign and domestic political and climatological are all well within the range of my expectations for sometime I can’t say I am perturbed (though I am somewhat surprised at the boldness of Evo Morales, I am not surprised that many other leaders in the region quickly joined hands).

    So, if not perturbed then what. I guess I just feel like a pebble.

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