Today is 6 Kib 19 Yaxk’in

1584 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

The zipper is tucked under his wattles.

Dr. Omed got an email yesterday with a link to a pro-McCain Op Ed titled “WHY NOT JOHN?” My response was immediate and visceral, to wit:

WHY NOT JOHN? He’s a weasel-voiced, creepy MoFo with a face that looks like it was made out of white, moldy Play-Doh–or rancid goat cheese. I don’t want to look at that face or listen to that voice for the next 4-8 years.

Because Mr. Magoo would make a better president.

Because Bob Barr would make a better president.

Because McCain would lick the crud out of John Hagee’s jockstrap in order to get the Left Behind vote.

Boy, am I tired of honoring his service. IMHO, anyone that drops bombs on people from an airplane is a war criminal, not a hero.  John McCain was state sponsored terrorist who didn’t even have the guts to do it up close and personal, like a proper suicide bomber.

Because if McCain was president right now he’d’ve started WWIII quicker than you can say “Archduke Ferdinand,” and I’m not finished digging my bunker under the house.
If McCain is elected we’ll have to refer to the 4th state to enter the Union as 1st Georgia and the 51st as 2nd Georgia and where would we put the 51st star on Old Glory anyway?
Because the secret lab is almost ready to deliver those Clarence Thomas clones Karl Rove ordered in 1998.
You can tell that he touches himself every time he says the word “Victory.”
You can see the alien parasite’s tentacles move under his skin whenever he gets pissed–or laughs.
Because he tried to feed his wife Cindy to the bikers up in Sturgis and bikers will eat anything but they wouldn’t eat that.


7 responses to “Today is 6 Kib 19 Yaxk’in

  1. Righteous rant, man. Especially the “suicide bomber” bit.

  2. What? We aren’t supposed to touch ourselves every time we say the word “victory.”

    I’d better stop touching myself. Or, better yet, stop saying the word “victory.”

  3. If a suicide bomber kills a bunch of people (most or all civilians) and wounds a whole bunch more, it’s terrorism.

    If a fighter-bomber pilot drops a “smart” bomb on a target and kills and wounds exactly the same number of people, the same proportion civilians, he’s just doing his part to win the War on Terror.

    If someone physically rounded up the same number of innocent people that our air force delivered muntions haved killed since since we started this tragically stupid war, and machine-gunned them all in person, that would not only be considered a war crime, the perps would be accused of genocide.

  4. Not so keen, then…

  5. As with all other words out of his mouth, McCain
    is most likely lieing about the seriousness of his melanomas. /// Has the good Doctor noted that today’s polls show McBush leading Obama ?? These polls have become entirely suspect in recent years. But they may be correct. The young have to come out and vote in large numbers to defeat the gerontocracy
    and remove the government of, by and for the
    And i see no sign that is happening. Ah, August is the cruelest month for Dems. Note especially the absolute control of television by pro-neocon ownership. The Ministry of Truth shall prevail.
    note, i still believe in the accuracy of exit polling on election day, which is recognized elsewhere in the world as sufficient to identify a stolen election.

  6. The Doctor’s parishioners may want to learn yet more about the wrinkly white haired-dude:

    I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button

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